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Michael Hutchinson is a Pro-Drummer and Educator from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

He is currently endorsed by SoulTone Cymbals, and Plays ProMark Sticks, Evans Drumheads and Tama Starclassic Bubinga drums.

Read More about Michael and some of the projects he is currently working on.

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Welcome to the all new

Triple-T Drumming

Home of session drummer and educator Michael Hutchinson B.A B.Mus

Triple-T Drumming is dedicated to delivering first class Drum Kit lessons, whether you class yourself as a beginner, intermediary or advanced drummer we are here to enhance your playing style, ability, knowledge of your instrument, and confidence.

Education either within the School or Private lessons is what we do best, and we lead the way with creative and innotive teaching techniques, to make lessons creative and most of all Fun.

Music is the food of life, and can speak in multiple languages. It doesn't need a translator, just let it go and enjoy, whatever your background.

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  • So, I just thought I would write this to update on some exciting times ahead. First of all Triple-T Drumming has gained 2 new students into our family taking our numbers up to 23 full time drum students, we are delighted to welcome them to our school, We are a family and the more we grow, the more our family grows.  Secondly we are having a recording day, in partnership with the Fuse Media Centre in Prudhoe, every student is going to get a chance to get in the recording studio and record some of there songs, at the end they will take away with them a CD of them playing, we will also be putting together a short video capturing the day.  We are hoping that this can be done at the beginning of November but this is a lot of organising and planning so fingers crossed we get there.  This is a unique opportunity for the Children and Adults to get some much needed recording experience, we are very excited and will keep you all posted on how we get on. Lastly, Some Rehearsal advice How do you practice? what is your method ? Practising your rudiments is vital to enhance your drumming technique, speed, accuracy and technicality but how do you practice them. If we stick with rehearsing them on the snare drum they can get tedious and boring.   Why don't we start rehearsing them properly, around the kit. Start by playing through the rudiment on the snare, understand what your arms, muscle groups, hands, and fingers are doing, understand all the different variations to your sticking, introduce your legs, Bass drum on the 1 count, High Hat on the 2 etc. etc., Then when you feel comfortable move your hands. Apply Rules, Example Using an 16th note double stroke as an example. counting as 1-e-an-da 2-e-an-da etc. I have played this on the snare drum and I am really confident and comfortable with it, at different speeds with my arms and legs moving, now I shift my arms onto the ride and high hat and I play the double stroke between the two, getting used to the difference in sound. Once I feel comfortable I apply rules The rules I am going to apply are  I can only Hit the snare on the 2 and 4 count The Bass Drum can only come down on the 1 and 3 count Once you have got used to this start adding more rules  on the 1 I will hit the bell of the ride  And keep adding to your rules as these are limitless I hope after reading through this article you will start to apply some of this advice to your own playing, Just remember 10 minutes of QUALITY rehearsal is better than an hour of messy and organised rehearsal. All the Best and i hope to speak to you all very soon Michael  

  • The winter season is upon us and its now time to decide who is going in for there exam, DUN DUN DUN  All is well as you will find out on Saturday if you are going in for the Rockschool exam this term Good Luck to everyone 

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