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We use a lot of gear to do what we do, be it practice, live, teaching, from electronic to acoustic, all the way to essential stick bag set ups.

Take a look what works for us. 



Pearl Crash Pad Crash Mat


So your band get hired to play the local pub, you get there and realise that the floor is stickier than a toddlers face, and you dread putting your hard earned drum kit on there, Welcome the Pearl Crash Pad Crash Mat.

Now not the most expensive Drum Rug out there, and probably not the best built as well however at an astounding £39.00 its amazing value, it comes with a free carry bag of reasonable quality, and a front, raised stopper to stop your bass drum sliding forward, but if you do not want you gear getting beer stains on it or you want to play without your bass or high-hat running away from you then buy this rug.

We have got them to stop the damage to the school floors when we set the equipment up and the work well.

They are thinner than we would normally like, but they do the job, and for £39.00 they are a great buy.

Triple-T Drumming is going to rate them 6/10

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