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Welcome to Drumming Greats Online Study.


This week we will be focusing on Mike Dolbear:


Mike Dolbear is one of my favourite drummers and the most influential drummer of our time.


"Mike has been a professional drummer for over 30 years having studied with some of the greatest teachers including Kenny Clare, Max Abrams and Bob Armstrong. He has worked in a variety of musical situations, including studio, TV, musical theatre, backing cabaret covers bands." (ref:

What I want you to do, study Mike Dolbear, and write a 1 page essay on Mike and his career 


Questions you need to think about.

  • How has Mike Dolbear changed the drumming community
  • What part did Mike Dolbear play in the Olympics Games in London 2012
  • Is Mike noted for a particular style of music.

Write up your study and bring in to lesson in two weeks time.


Remember that inspiration does not come from just sitting reading music, we need to study the greats in order to understand, ourselves how to be great.


I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Mike a question this week.


Q: Mike, we are using you to study in our Drumming Greats series. 1 issue we have is rehearsal time due to noise restrictions, How do you carry out your rehearsal if you do not have access to a drum kit 


A: “Drumming great wow ! Thats an honour - as you may know I co-ordinated, taught and auditioned the 1000 drummers for the opening ceremony for the Olympics, 60% were drummers and 40% were not, I taught them in a series of vocalisation (melody lines made up of words so they would remember them). Its so important for all drummers to be able to sing rhythms to really get it in their head so if they have not got a kit to play on I would say...

1: always sing out the rhythms you are playing

2: adapt - many years ago budding drummers didn't have drums or electronic kits they hit what ever they could, its all about a repetitive  motion to get rhythms and movements into our muscle memory so hit anything (not each other) !”




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