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Welcome to another Drumming Greats study.

This month we will be looking into one of the most influential drummers to come from the UK Steve White.

For me Steve was an inspiration from a very young age and following his career I have learned a great deal.  Attending some of Steve's clinics have allowed me to look at the way I play and adjust to get the best techniques I can.

Your Mission is to read Steve's Bio below and get yourself onto YouTube, look at Steve's career and influences and write a paper, answering these questions.

"What kind of stick grip does Steve use and Why" ?

"Which artist is Steve White famous for playing with.  How has this genre of music changed drumming in the UK today"?

Ensure that all papers are done in electronic copy so they can be published online.

I was very lucky indeed to ask Steve White a couple of questions which he was able to take time out of his schedule to answer.

Steve Growing up and learning to play the drums in drum corps and having the influences of Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa, how did your influences change the way you played and your attitude to music, and are your early influences still a major part of your playing.

Every day when i pick up the sticks those early influences are still there , the way i still hold y sticks the majority of the time , traditional grip , very rarely does a day go by that i do not listen to at least one Buddy Rich track or album , i actually listen to very little rock music these days and find that all of the music that was around me at my developmental stage is where my default button goes back to . I am still as bigger fan of the krupa and Rich generation as when i was a kid . The rudimental approach i was taught , i was teaching a lesson at Trinity college just yesterday based on work i was doing age 15 , so you could say it worked . 

Second question (Just Thought of sorry)
What advice could you give my students on the importan ce of dy namics within your playing and what dynamic allow you to achieve with a song.
dynamics are incredibly important , firstly is a drummer can't get a good balanced and consistency between the basics , kick snare and hat then they are in trouble , all of the greatest drummers express the mythical word  
" feel " and thats what sets them apart , playing with dynamics  light and shade , unaccented and accents in combination is line of the most important skills a musician can learn because it indicates you are prepared to listen 

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