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What involved.

The assembly is designed for all of Key stage 1 and 2, and will use 2-3 drum-kits depending on the size of your school hall.

Normally starting with a quick introduction and what we are doing, we then move on to the drum kit and explain what the different drums do, including sounds and movement. (There is a lot of cool LOUD noise at this point)

We then get to the cool part by playing some songs mainly around the Rock or Funk genres, sometimes with backing tracks, but this depends on the size of the hall.

Using plain language we discuss movement, coordination, fine motor skills, and explain Rudiments including Single, Double strokes, Triplets, and Paradiddle, using these we get the Children (And teachers) up to have a go.

after the assembly, the children are free to have a look around the drum kits, and ask any questions they want.

Each child will recieve a small pack containing, Flyers, and stickers, including a Drum Stick Lollipop

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Keep checking back as Triple-T Drumming will sometimes offer free assemblys, and this is a great oppurtunity to get everything that is offered above at a cost of ZERO which is always the best price

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