Music Psychology

Music Psychology explores the deep and complex relationship between music, the human mind and the brain. Understanding more about how they interact may help reveal why music is so meaningful to us.

Understanding the psychology of music is a great passion of mine and my interests include, but not limited to, Drumming and Enhancing the working memory, Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity.
Studying Music, Cognition and Neuroscience is a lifelong ambition and to apply the knowledge gained into my teaching practices is something I believe all teachers of music should understand, even at a basic level, to get the best out of their students. 

Here is a quick question.

What makes a good musician? 

Think about this question.  Is there a formula? Are you born with musical talent?

Interestingly, according to Richard Parncutt and Gary E. McPherson, authors of The Science and Psychology of Music Performance (Geldard, McPherson and Parncutt, 2002) to identify musical potential, it takes three modalities. 




Music psychology tackles the questions, like above and a lot more.
Check out the blogs to find theoretical answers to the above and much more.

Current Research.
Can Drumming enhance working memory?


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