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Assemblies and Workshops are available NOW, Dont Miss Out

Assemblies are fun and exciting.

A Great way to introduce The Drum Kit to all ages and compliment your music studies

Even the teachers want to have a go 

Performances include 

      • Rock

      • Funk

      • Punk

      • Drum Solo's

      • Many More

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Welcome to the school portal

We have been promoting the RSL Syllabus within schools around the north east, with great success for over 6 years.

We offer drum kit assembly work and After School Clubs, to get the students (and teachers) on the drum kit and excited about playing along with RSL Syllabus music and reading along with RSL grade books, including our very own syllabus which pushes the students forward to pursue music as a viable GCSE/A Level pathway.

Understanding that, within Key stage 1 and 2, the music budget is limited, We are happy to work closely with the school to offer the best drum assembly we can at limited cost.

Music is an important part of the curriculum, and we understand that the most important part of learning is enjoyment in the subject. our passion and commitment for education on the drum kit and our unique teaching style, make our assemblies or drum clinic's a fun and must see.

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